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Accountability | Creativity | Responsibility.
The reason why Dolsden Oracle can be your number one service provider.
The firm has an in-house staff of highly credentialed experts in the field of economics, finance, entrepreneurship and management. In addition, the firm draws on knowledge and capabilities of a diverse group of authorities from the academic community.
The workforce and stakeholders of Dolsden Oracle (Pty) Ltd are a combination of current and former Professors, Phd academics, Masters graduates of economics, finance and business whom have taught at the institutions. This active and close link with the academic comunity enubles the members of the firm not only be familiar with the latest developments in their respective fields but also to, on their associations, expiriences with leading authorities to assist clients with the latest state of the art methodologies for problem solving. The firm’s mission and philosophy is to serve as a bridge between the pragmatic research output to the corporate and public spheres.
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